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HerP (Help Endangered Reptile Project) is an in house fundraising sector of the Kinyongai Reptile Centre established in 1998.  HerP is also an abbreviation for "HERPETOLOGY" the study of reptiles and amphibians.  The sole purpose of HerP is to save reptiles and amphibians wherever we possibly can.  Please call upon us should you need advice or help with any animals in need.  This Land leguaan Varanus exanthimaticus was hit by a car and bit off its own tongue.  It is being kept under the care of HerP until healthy and then will be released back into the wild.  This is a good lesson to us all to be aware that animals also use our roads.

Much excitement while two of our volunteers rescue a Python in a local village.  The Kinyonga Reptile Centre through HerP promotes the conservation of snakes and encourages people to make use of our free service to have problem snakes removed rather than to kill them.  We collect information about the capture that includes time of day, weather conditions, temperature, GPS co-ordinates and so on.  This information is used to better understand the animals in order to effectively save them.  All animals rescued are released back into the wild within the same geographical range it was caught but away from harms way.

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