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R3,300.0 per tour  Maximum 4pax 

This tour is a truly unique experience for anyone interested in photography, reptiles and nature. You will have a personal guide and handler watching over each reptile giving you background information on the species from an expert as well as an opportunity to photograph animals in their natural habitat. As a result, this tour will enable you to get that perfect shot. 

Get that Perfect
Action Shot

Let us know should you need to set up a specialised shoot with our beautiful animals.  We will let you know what is possible and ethical. Please understand that no animals will be harmed for the benefit of a photograph.

Beauty is in the
Eye of the Beholder

Lots of opportunities to get creative with your closeup abilities.  Reptiles will be taken out of their enclosures in order to get that perfect shot.  This is your chance to put your equipment through its paces.

Not just reptiles

We also work with spiders and scorpions giving you the perfect opportunity to photograph the intricately detailed design of these fascinating animals.

Other cold blooded beauties

The rainy season, from November to February presents the privileged opportunity to photograph magnificent amphibians. Please le us know in advance should you be interested in an amphibian photo tour.

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