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Volunteering at the Centre

A unique opportunity to learn while helping with conservation.

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Only the best care and husbandry procedures for our animals.

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Research & Conservation


The Kinyonga Reptile Centre's Blyderus Research Farm is situated along the majestic Blyde River a few kilometers away from the reptile Centre.  The property is 33ha in size with a total of 300ha within the Blyderus Nature Reserve allowing access to run with research projects.  A number of diverse habitat types exist within the reserve from Riverine Forrest to True Savanah bushveld with a variety of Plaines animals such as Giraffe, Antelope, Wildebeest and Zebra as well as numerous small game and other animals such as crocodiles and Hippopotamus.


Permanently erected tented accommodation sleeps eight comfortably.  A communal kitchen, recreational area, laundry room, swimming pool and a beautiful boma /barbeque area is available within the complex.  A housekeeper is available to help with day to day domestic chores and will prepare one meal for students /volunteers per day.  Breakfast and lunch is available but are self-prepared.  WiFi internet connection available satalite, TV

A compact clean kitchen facility
Tented accomodation
The Farm

The "Kinyonga Reptile Centre Research Farm" is part of the 300ha majestic "Blyderus Nature Reserve" with nearly 5km of "Blyde River" front overlooking the great "Drakensburg" mountains.  A watering hole is centrally located that attracts animals looking for a daily drink.  

Facilities & Services
  • Comfortable accommodation

  • Pick Nick facility along the Blyde River

  • Walking trails

  • Game drive vehicle

  • Weekly town trips

  • Opportunity to attend courses and presentations at the "Kinyonga Reptile Centre"

  • Opportunity to volunteer at the "Kinyonga Reptile Centre'

  • A Biologist /Guide to help co-ordinate research projects and to facilitate excursions.

Great social area with barbecue facilities
WiFi, Dining, Relaxing, TV Room
Research Potential

There are a number of different biological habitat variations within the reserve with a massive variety of vegetation and animals.

  • Riverine Forrest

  • Flood Plains

  • Rocky Soils

  • Typical Bushveld

  • Disturbed Rehabilitating Bush.

  • Surrounding Farmlands

This diversity of habitat has massive potential for numerous research projects.

  • Reptiles

  • Amphibians

  • Arachnids

  • Insects

  • Fish

  • Birds

  • Mammals

  • Plants

From Geologists to Artists and Herpetologists to Ichthyologists will find this a perfect venue to conduct valuable field work to support your research project.  Blyderus Research Farm with its tranquil beauty and diversity offers more than just research possibilities.  Photographers will spend many hours taking wonderful shots of many interesting subjects.  Take your time to plan and get that perfect shot of nature and everything that it offers.  Martial Arts clubs, garden societies, art groups etc. will all find this facility stimulating and inspiring.

The Kitchen