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…. Is it only after we have poisoned all the air that we breath, polluted all of our water and taken out the last tree that we will realise we cannot eat money ….



  • Golden Brown Baboon Spider Relocation Project 

  • Capture Release / Quarentine Facility

  • Python Habitat

  • Reptile Rescue Vehicle

  • Tropical House


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Cash donations can be deposited into the HerP account:

  • Bank: FNB Hoedspruit

  • Branch Coode: 27065200

  • Account Name: Herp

  • Account No.: 62019513862

Golden Brown Baboon Spider Reclocation Project


Hoedspruit South Africa, the prime habitat for these beautiful spiders is going through a period of rapid development and as with many animals throughout the World habitat depletion is affecting them in a serious way.  The Golden Brown Baboon Spider lives in a hole that they dig for themselves taking them between 5 to 7 years to excavate into an adequate home. Thereafter the sub adult spider looses its instinct and mechanism for digging holes. As a result we cannot just move the spider to another location as it will die for lack of protection, it simply does not know how to dig another hole for itself again.

The Kinyonga Reptile Centre steps in should a development take place over spider holes. With permission from the developers we remove all spiders within the footprint of each development so saving them from certain death and keep them safely in captivity. This gives us the opportunity to do valuable aggressive research of its habitat so as to try copy and create a new livable hole for each spider removed.  To do this we need equipment that costs money …. Following is a wish list of the equipment we still need for this project:

  • Probe thermometer – To measure temperature within the core of a spiders hole without disturbing the animal.  R2000-00

  • Endo Scope – This is one of our most important needs and will give us a view of the spider in its hole that allow for us to photograph and identify the spider.  R20 000-00

  • Holding Bins – Polycarbonate bins to temporarily house spiders until release back into the newly created habitat. (per bin we need at least 20 bins)  R100-00

  • Molding Foam – Used every time a spider has to be removed from its hole. We take a mold of the hole to keep an accurate record of each shape (per canister)  R150-00

Quarentine Facility


Quarentine Facility /Capture Release Program – The centre currently captures and releases between 200 -250 animals a year. We are in desperate need of a separate quarantine facility equipped to house animals safely and comfortably until release. All staff at the centre are working towards getting this project off the ground and are fundraising wherever possible. This is a costly project and any contribution however small will help (total cost)  R500 000-00  

We have at last a building in place, thanks to the "Injoka Gallery" that now needs to be sorted out with equipment and holding enclosures to temporarily keep animals until ready for release back into the wild.  This takes a chunk from the originally needed R500 000-00 we now need approximately R200 000-00 to complete the project.

Python Habitat


Python Habitat – We adopted five Pythons recently that needs a special tropical habitat. The owner was not able to look after the snakes any more and they were destined to be euthanized. Unfortunately we cannot release them as they are from South East Asia and were born here in South Africa. The centre is located in the ideal climate zone for the animals to live but do not have an adequate permanent enclosure and now have to come up with a plan. A large hardware store is helping us with some of the items we need to build the enclosure but we are going to be short on stock that they do not keep in store. (outstanding items cost)  R30 000-00

 Wish List:

  • Broadcast Quality DV Camera Yay we have one

  • Endoscopic Camera

  • Printing – Information booklets, Posters, Flyers

  • Paint – Latex water based, all colours

  • Cement

  • Chemicals – F10 disinfectant, chlorine

  • Medicines – Frontline, Flagyl, Panacure

  • Scalpals 

  • Probe thermometer

  • Biological Microscope Yay we have one

  • Latex Gloves

  • Surgical Equipment – Forceps, Probes, Scissors

  • Syringes – Insulin 1ml and .5ml, 10ml, 20ml

  • Steel Shelving

  • Glass – Laminated shatter proof.