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…. Is it only after we have poisoned all the air that we breathe, polluted all of our water and taken out the last tree that we will realise we cannot eat money ….



  • Golden Brown Baboon Spider Relocation Project 

  • Capture Release / Quarantine Facility

  • Reptile Rescue Vehicle

  • SECAP (Snake Education and Community Awareness Project) 

  • Captive breeding programs for endangered herpetofauna


Please                              should you be interested in further details about our projects


Cash donations can be deposited into the Centre's account:

  • Bank: FNB Hoedspruit

  • Branch Code: 250655

  • Account Name: Hoedspruit Reptile Centre

  • Account No.: 62832023296

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Golden Brown Baboon Spider Relocation Project


Hoedspruit, South Africa is a prime habitat for these beautiful spiders. However, Hoedspruit is going through a period of rapid development and in the same way that many other animals throughout the world are affected by habitat destruction, habitat depletion is affecting baboon spiders in a serious way. The Golden Brown Baboon Spider lives in a self-made hole that takes 5-7 years to excavate. Once built, sub-adult spiders lose the instinct and drive to dig. As a result, these spiders cannot easily relocate.

Hoedspruit Reptile Centre is always prepared to assist in rescuing baboon spiders. With permission from developers, the Centre can remove and rehome any spiders found within a construction zone. The Centre conducts valuable research on baboon spider habitat in order to ensure their survival upon relocation. However, to achieve this, the Centre needs your help with equipment…. The following is a wish list of the equipment required for this project:

  • Probe thermometer – To measure temperature within the core of a spider's burrow without disturbing the animal.  R2,000-00

  • Endoscope – This is one of our most important needs and will give us a view of the spider in its hole that allows us to photograph and identify the spider.  R20, 000-00

  • Holding Bins – Polycarbonate bins to temporarily house spiders until they can be released back into their newly created habitat.  R100-00 per bin

  • Moulding Foam – This is how we recreate a spider's home. We use the foam to make a mould of the empty burrow.  This also allows us to keep an accurate record burrow shape. R150-00 per canister

Quarantine Facility


Quarantine Facility/Capture and Release Program – The centre currently captures and releases between 200-250 animals a year. We are in desperate need of a separate quarantine facility equipped to house animals safely and comfortably until release. Such a facility will also protect our own animals from "outside" diseases. Our dream at the Centre is to have a state of the art quarantine facility where rescued snakes can be screened and rehabilitated until they are fit for release. To fulfil this dream the Centre needs to raise  R500 000-00 and any donations towards this would be greatly appreciated.

 Wish List
  • Endoscopic camera

  • Paint – Latex water-based, all colours

  • Cement

  • Chemicals – F10 disinfectant, chlorine

  • Medicines – Frontline, Flagyl, Panacur

  • Scalpels 

  • Probe thermometer

  • Latex Gloves

  • Syringes – Insulin 1ml and .5ml, 10ml, 20ml

  • Steel Shelving

  • Glass – Laminated shatterproof

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