Volunteers & Internships

R750 per pax




  • Interact with animals

  • Care for animals at the Centre 

  • Rescue reptiles

  • Learn about reptiles

  • Fundraising

  • Public education

  • Release back into the wild


  • Reptile handling techniques

  • Reptile husbandry

  • Reptile behaviour

  • Anthrozoology

  • Research

  • Hands-on reptile conservation

Work Experience

For general work experience, you will be involved in most activities at the Centre during your time with us. This opportunity will provide you with insight into the different challenges that reptile conservationists’ face. You will learn how facilities like Hoedspruit Reptile Centre are vital in bridging the gap between fear and appreciation of severely misunderstood animals. A placement with us will be a massively rewarding experience allowing you to gain more experience into the world of reptiles, amphibians and arachnids. You will be involved in reptile rescues, excursions, day to day care and husbandry and learn valuable handling skills. Conservation is a priority with all that we do and research and education are our pillars in achieving this.


As an intern with us, you will be required to work on a study project, research program, masters, doctoral etc. Your internship program and project will depend on the requirements set by your academic institution. The Centre will act as a mentor on behalf of your academic institution. It is important, that all necessary information be sent to us prior to your arrival.  We will only accept projects that are of conservation value and are ethically cleared and approved. During your internship, you will not only be involved with your project, but also with the general activities at the Centre.


What Do I Get From the Centre?

  • Volunteer Manual

  • Local pick up and drop off from the park to and from the airport/bus terminals 

  • Accommodation

  • Reptile handling training (venomous and non-venomous species)

  • Education on reptile husbandry and care

  • Fieldwork excursions

  • Hands-on experience

  • Opportunity to attend all courses and lessons done at the Centre 

  • Internet access

  • TV/pool table/common room and lounge

  • Pool access

  • One "I Survived Kinyonga Reptile Centre" T-Shirt


Why Volunteer at the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre?

Hoedspruit Reptile Centre is a unique facility that is dedicated solely to the preservation and conservation of reptiles. By working at the Centre you will play an active role in helping achieve this goal. You will have the opportunity to learn and work with a wide range of different reptiles at a world-renowned reptile centre. You will get practical, hands-on experience in the day to day running of the Centre and the chance to work with a variety of indigenous and exotic reptiles. You will also play an invaluable role in helping us educate people about reptiles.

What is Expected of Work Experience and Internship Students

Students are here to help with the general day to day care of all the animals at the centre. This will include tasks such as the feeding of the animals and the upkeep of their enclosures. Students are also here to interact with guests at the Centre and to educate them on the importance of reptiles in a natural ecosystem. There is rarely a dull moment at Hoedspruit Reptile Centre as exciting new challenges present themselves on an almost daily basis.


All students are housed in the Student House located behind the Centre. It is a fully kitted house with a fully equipped kitchen,  bathroom and a lounge area with TV, pool table and pool.  Internet is available in the house as well.  A housemaid does a cleanup twice a week of communal areas however students are to clean up after themselves (dishes and bedrooms). Accommodation is shared.

Working Hours and Time Off  

Students are expected to work every day from 8am to 5pm. An hour-long lunch is usually taken between 12:00 and 13:00 however due to the varied nature of work at the Centre, lunch may be taken at almost any time of the day. Time off and excursions must be pre-arranged with management.


Students are taken on a mini-expeditions at local treasures in and around Hoedspruit where they are given the opportunity to observe and survey reptile activity. These excursions give students a chance to see reptiles in the wild and enjoy some of the local beauty.



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